We are trying to be the symbol of health.



Monk`s iceberg

Small size of 1G. Monks candy uses high-quality raw materials and has a unique, non-sticky refreshing feeling. Individual packaging is easy to carry and hygienic. Good to eat, anytime and everywhere.

Monk`s Propolis

Developed in order to enjoy propolis with good taste. Unique herb from the candy covers the taste of propolis and also children can enjoy it.


Sports Dextrose

It contains 97.85% glucose and melts quickly in the mouth. The moment you need all the energy, just get one in your mouth!

Energy Dextrose

It contains 90.85% glucose and it relieves fatigue with a refreshing sour apple flavor. Recharge yourself with one pill and fill energy!

Burst Dextrose

It contains 97.61% glucose and it gives you a powerful boost when you need energy. Recharge yourself quickly with soda mint-flavored dextrose candy. Whenever you need vitality, whatever you do, fitness or hiking!


Sanct Bernhard

Since 1903, St. Bernhard has been manufacturing healthy functional food with high quality. St.Bernhard tries to enhance the quality of products by selecting nature-friendly ingredients.


Alpen Salz

It is the purest salt in the world with premium quality made by carefully selecting only 1% of the rock slat mined from the rock salt layer of the German Alps.


Smooze Fruit Ice

From cultivation to manufacturing in Sumatra! Fresh real coconut ingredients met natural fruit juice! Just have fun with frozen natrual fruit juice smoothie now.